Photography by  Alyssa Smith Creative

Photography by Alyssa Smith Creative

About Buhlaixe | Ornament + Object

Buhlaixe is a multidisciplinary design studio and brand based in Phoenix, AZ. Ornament + Object began as a passion project to create elegant accessories inspired by the intersection between classic architectural forms and the ethereal desert landscape. Our mission is to create timeless garments and home decor while maintaining a sustainable and responsible manufacturing process. All items in the collection are designed in Phoenix and we only partner with USA based manufacturers.

About Blaise | Founder

Blaise is the designer and art director behind Buhlaixe. After receiving her education from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University she relocated to New York to pursue her career in product design. Tired of the fast paced life she felt called to the desert where she felt creative freedom to make mindful, intentional decisions about the work she would put into the world.  Driven by a passion for travel, fashion, interior design and high quality, sustainable materials she set about creating a brand with a unique combination of all her passions.


For questions or wholesale inquiries please email BUHLAIXE@GMAIL.COM